Operations and Management of water remedial systems

Often, the operations and maintenance of remedial systems is a vital component of ensuring the success of environmental corrective actions. Our objectives include the regular inspection, operation, and maintenance of remedial systems to make sure they function efficiently and effectively in the long run. This involves activities such as equipment calibration, system performance evaluations, and necessary repairs to address operational issues. We provide detailed documentation and recommend system adjustments to optimize the remedial efforts. Our expertise in operating and maintaining large- and small-scale remedial systems helps us prioritize compliance with all federal regulations and industry standards. This ensures ITMS will meet the highest levels of safety and environmental protection on your remedial system challenges.

Case Studies

Treat 8M Gallons of PFAS Contaminated Groundwater for a Flight Line Utility Modernization Project

Owner: Large Business – General Contractor (LBGC) / DoD

Period of Performance: May 2020 – April 2023

Prime or Subcontractor: Subcontractor

Scope: LBGC was tasked with modernizing a DoD Installation’s underground utilities over a 6-mile corridor. During dewatering activities, ITMS was subcontracted to treat PFAS-contaminated groundwater.

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