Logistics Support

Logistics support is a cornerstone of operational success, encompassing the management of supply chains, inventory, and equipment procurement to ensure that military operations are well-supported and uninterrupted. Effective inventory management is crucial, requiring real-time tracking systems to maintain accurate records and to verify that all necessary supplies and equipment are available when needed.

ITMS is adept at navigating complex logistical challenges, utilizing both Government and private advanced technologies to streamline processes and mitigate risks. By providing robust logistics support services, ITMS supports DoD operations with the necessary tools and resources, enhancing mission readiness and operational efficiency.

Case Studies

Treat 8M Gallons of PFAS Contaminated Groundwater for a Flight Line Utility Modernization Project

Owner: Large Business – General Contractor (LBGC) / DoD

Period of Performance: May 2020 – April 2023

Prime or Subcontractor: Subcontractor

Scope: LBGC was tasked with modernizing a DoD Installation’s underground utilities over a 6-mile corridor. During dewatering activities, ITMS was subcontracted to treat PFAS-contaminated groundwater.

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